Keynote Speakers

Simon Crosby, Bronium

Using Enterprise Endpoints to Automate Protection, Breach Detection, and Response

Rick Howard, Paloalto Networks

Network Defender First Principles

Shelly Westman IBM

Security in the Cognitive Era

Ehab Al-Shaer, UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics

Research Overveiw of Cyber Security Centers at UNC Charlotte

Anthony Braddy Veracode and Damien McCall

Best Practactices for 3rd Party Supply Chain Management

Roger Callahan IAA

Cyber Intellegence

Dan Cornell, Denim Group

Monitoring Attack Surface Analysis to Secure DevOps Pipelines

Jack Freund, TIAA and Christooher Houser, Well Fargo

Risk Intellegence

Cassio Goldschmidt, Stroz Friedberg

Dissecting Bitcoin Architecture and Security 

Ryan Kazanciyan, Tanium

Hunting in The Dark 

Igor Matlin, Checkmarx

Think Your Mobile App Is Secure? Think Again...

John Melton Netsuite

Towards Securing Micro-Services

James Petterman and Micah Willams Oracle

Stuck in the Middle with You

Tom Pore, Plixer

Advanced Security Analytics: NetFlow for Incident Response

Richard N. Sheinis, Hall Booth Smith and Tony UcedaVelez, Versprite

Cloud Security and Mitigating Vulneralbilities

Edson Sierra an Guillermo Taibo. Duke Energy

Intellegence Driven Defense and Cyber Kill Chain 

Andrew Wicker, Microsoft

Machience Learning for Cloud Computing